Welcome! This website is intended to be a place where I can share my research, receive feedback, and engage in discussion with others on issues relating to the origin and development of the Hebrew Bible and the religion of ancient Israel-Judah. You can look through the posts to find introductions to the various papers I have put up on the site or go directly to the categories in the menu located above. Note that the papers collected here are rough drafts or works in progress.

As indicated by the title “Religion and Literature of Ancient Palestine,” I approach the interpretation of the literary heritage and religion of Israel-Judah as an integral part of its larger cultural matrix.

I’m an independent researcher and have studied at Harvard Divinity School and Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I currently reside near Salt Lake City, Utah. Contact me at ryanstephenthomas(at)gmail(dot)com

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  1. Tracy Lemos says:

    Thanks for citing my essay, “Were Israelite Women Chattel?” Just to be clear, though, I argue against the stance that Israelite women were considered property.

    • RT says:

      Tracy, thanks for the note. Yes, I understood your stance and didn’t mean to suggest otherwise. I agree fully that women were not effectively treated or understood strictly as property. Though conceptually women and children occupied somewhat of a gray sphere, which is why I say “a kind of property…”

      Best regards,


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